Previously, in one of my posts I mentioned how my fiance acts like a child as well. So i now have an 8 month old son, and a 25 year old child fiance basically. It’s like having two kids, but one is a full functioning adult. Anyone else have this problem?? I love him to death, but he obviously gets on my nerves. He’s into video games, and kid shows, its kinda quirky cute. If ya know what i mean. The other day we were hanging out like a normal old day and i was telling him how he is a child and he turned around and said “how am i a child?” as he continues to play the mine craft video game. *face palm*

Not only do I have a baby to pick up after, but i have an adult size pre teen as well. Pick up the balls from the ball pit, organize toys, let baby nap, baby pulls out balls from ball pit, unorganizes his toys, rips out cords from the walls, puts things in his mouth he shouldn’t, pick up toys again, need i go on? I’m about to be 23, and i have more gray hair than a 78 year old woman, i swear. It’s bittersweet. Maybe my house is never clean and maybe and instead of putting it away we walk down the steps every morning and pick out what we need and repeat until the clothes need washed again. Maybe my dishes are hardly ever clean, except the bottles, maybe my tuesday nights dinner sits on the stove in the pan until saturday, but at least we ate. Maybe my babies toys took over my living and dining room, but at least he’s having fun. Maybe my carpets are covered in cat hair and the baby pulls on their tails, but they never harm him.

Needless to say, my life is not perfect, but when i sit down at the end of the day and i see the two loves of my life playing with each other on the floor, and my fiance laughing and my baby laughing back, i know life is good and i know that is all that matters.


Stay Sane Mama’s.


Hi all! My name is Megan I am 22 years old. I am a first time mother and engaged to my favorite person. I have a 7 month old and to be honest my fiancé is a kid at heart, so it's kind of like having two babies to take care of. I'm just winging it all. Interested in getting to know what I go through? Follow along for blog posts and videos!

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