Baby Food??

Hi Momma,

Perhaps if you’re reading this you might have some questions. Being a first time mother is never easy, some things come naturally, but without the help of google and my mom and sister, I would be lost on some things. Baby cereal or baby oatmeal? Like what is that stuff and what the heck is the difference. So to answer those questions you’re probably thinking about. The contact name is a bunch of bee’s because my sisters name is Brianna, but we call her B. I am dumbfounded when it comes to telling the difference between things.

My baby is 7 months old and I am breastfeeding. We have been trying to give him a bottle of pumped milk at night with rice cereal in it. However, my sister pointed out to my attention that she used oatmeal in her kids’ bottles at night because rumor has it, it helps them sleep longer! Wow, who knew? Because I had no idea. I always though rice cereal helped them sleep longer and I was beginning to wonder why it didn’t help my baby sleep.

I promise y’all I am a great mom! Not that I need to prove that to anyone. I am stressed beyond belief over this whole rice cereal rice oatmeal ordeal.

Stay Sane Mama’s


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