It’s Just My Face

When you are pregnant everyone and their mother wants to tell you what to look forward to and what to watch out for, and lets not forget all the advice. Every single person I encountered felt it necessary to explain to me how tired I will be after the baby, and I will lose all sleep, Like HELLO I understand that! I know all the things that come with having and a baby, and let me tell y’all I am so tired every day. So to everyone who told me how tired I will be, thanks, I’m feeling it now.

Not to mention I currently work in the food industry, I have never been someone who wore makeup. Sometimes I would put on the occasional mascara and call it a day. A few months after being a new mom, I quickly realized I was going to need some makeup. I went to sephora, got a few things, still totally unsure how to apply them, so I just wing it. Many times at work i get the irritating, “are you tired meg?” question and i just kindly smile and say yes. OF COURSE I AM TIRED. Seriously people?! But in all honesty, it’s just my face. I have the constant bags under my eyes, the constant glazed over look from lack of sleep, and the almighty resting bitch face.

Due to the fact that it is just my face, when I finally do apply the makeup correctly, like once a month, customers notice. Since customers notice I get the “Have you always worn makeup?” question. Such a dreaded question. Think about it ladies. Are they asking me that because I look less tired that day, or are they asking me because maybe my face look brighter and more put together. Just the other day my customers asked me if i always wear makeup, to which i replied “the last few months I basically have every day.” It is almost embarrassing to be asked that, because you don’t know why they’re asking. Anything similar ever happen to you?

Stay Sane Mama’s


Hi all! My name is Megan I am 22 years old. I am a first time mother and engaged to my favorite person. I have a 7 month old and to be honest my fiancé is a kid at heart, so it's kind of like having two babies to take care of. I'm just winging it all. Interested in getting to know what I go through? Follow along for blog posts and videos!

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