I’m New Here

Do you ever just look around and realize you’re the new girl. That’s me! I’ll get used to it. While we’re on the note of looking around, do you ever look around and notice what total mess your house is? Being a mom comes with a lot more chores than you had before. While my life consists of a  month old baby and a 25 year old fiancee that acts like hes 15, my life is a lot to handle. Not saying that in a bad way! After picking up toys and trash from my baby, I have to pick up trash and clothes and all the above from my fiance. Have you ever washed the dishes while standing on one foot and using your other foot to rock you baby in your swing? I have. It is a nightmare. Sadly, there is no life hack to getting your partner to do more chores around the house.




Hi all! My name is Megan I am 22 years old. I am a first time mother and engaged to my favorite person. I have a 7 month old and to be honest my fiancé is a kid at heart, so it's kind of like having two babies to take care of. I'm just winging it all. Interested in getting to know what I go through? Follow along for blog posts and videos!

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